Paper Yarn Compound Sack-Making Machine

Paper Yarn Compound Sack-Making Machine

Product Description

The composite sack-making machine with function of environmental protection is a new type of sack-making machine, with CNC, parameter pre-setting, frequency and speed adjustment technology, it makes the operation more stable, adjustment easier, more effective, less hands, lower cost and perfect function.
The composite sack-making machine are the pioneer at home and abroad. The sacks which adopt to the technology of reinforce are high strength, anti-aging, high temperature-resistance, wet-proof and ventilating, to meet the customers requirements, they can produce standard-sacks, any length of sacks, film and wet proof sacks, M-type folded and pin-hole pricking sacks, the material are non poison, no harm, all products are widely used in cereal, dry and fresh goods, starch, casein, forage, building material, chemicals and minerals such as power or granule, the waste sacks can be recycled through dissolving in high temperature water, the are environmental and really green packing products.

Technical parameter
Raw material: Vinylon soluble yarn (or polyester fiber yarn),
Kraft paper: 60-100g/square meter
Blinder: 17-99PVA
Specifications: (unit mm)
Length: Optional length
Width: Empty status: 420-600(standard: 480-550)
Folding width: 70-80
Printing: 4color
Speed: (max) 20m/min
Operator: 3wourkers/shift
Total power: 10KW
Dimensions: 16.65*2.9*2.2m
Weight: 7000kg
Note: A set of standard width and length of sack making and printing supplied by equipment, in order to meet the customers' requirement.

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